Donor Recognition

The KC Center is grateful to the following new and long-time donors for their generosity and support.


Pamela R. Allen, LSCSW

Laura R. Brooks, LCSWC

Daniel Casement, LMSW

Geri Compton, LSCSW

Gary Cromer, MD

Col. Richard Curasi

Kyle Danner, MA

William George, MDiv, MPA

William Gilbirds, MD

Mary Greenberg, PhD

Lona E. Hardy, LCSW

LeAnn Howard, LSCSW, LCMFT

Jim Edd Jones, PhD

Donald M. Kaesser, PhD

Lori Kirkpatrick, MPH

Phillip Klever, MSW

Joanna Lacoursiere

Cheryl Lester, PhD

Julie MacLachlan, BSN, JD

Patty McMahon, LCPC

Judy Moore, PhD

Robert J. Noone, PhD

Margaret Otto, LSCSW

Judy Porter, LISW

Poynter Family Fund, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Nomi Redding, MSW

Marti Rees, LSCSW

Kathleen Riordan, LSCSW

Michael Riordan

Tommye C. Sexton, MS, LCPC

Sylvia Swift Smith, MS, LCP

Deborah N. Wagner

Anonymous ( 5 )