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2013 Interview with  Margaret Otto, LSCSW about Dr. Bowen

by Pam Allen, LSCSW


2015 Podcast with Kathleen Riordan, LSCSW and Everett Murphy, M.D.
“Chronic Illness, Anxiety and Bowen Family Systems Theory”

This podcast was presented at UU Forum at All Souls U.U. Church and on KKFI 90.1 FM.



The New Leaders: Leadership Transition in Family Businesses

by Kathy Riordan, MSW

This is an anecdotal report of a two-year study of eight second generation business leaders in family owned businesses. The eight leaders were interviewed over a two-year period. These second generation leaders were heading up small to medium sized copier dealerships in various parts of the United States. The businesses were all privately held and were either started by or purchased by a family member of the previous generation.

Hard copy of issue 7:1

Downloadable article (PDF)



Variation within the Families of Low Income, Unwed Parents

by Margaret Otto, LSCSW

Margaret Otto, LSCSW analyzed data from a 5-year Federal Grant by the Department of Health and Human Services which was awarded to Healthy Families, a neighbor agency in the Northland Human Services building. The goal of the grant was to serve low-income unwed expectant or new parents and provide them with assessment and evaluations, marriage education and family support services. The KC Center was asked to participate by interviewing each couple using the Center’s Family Interview Guide. This was done in the effort to map these young families and look at vulnerabilities and relationship resources.

Margaret Otto’s power point presentation below describes some of the findings that the interview process provided.

Download PowerPoint Presentation


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